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As we know how vital human resource management is to any business wanting to make it in the modern economic environment. We strongly believe that every interaction from the welcoming smiles at the reception desk to the wisdom and knowledge communicated by senior management is of the utmost importance and that every individual is there to add value and ultimately, increase the company's profits.

Implementing specific management strategies focused on HR can help your company build the perfect team, streamline the recruitment and payroll process, and maximize output.

Referring to a Human Resources Consultant can help you to understand better how to structure your workforce, and whom you should keep as an employee in order to have your business running at optimal productivity.

We at CMS specialize in formulating the best strategic plans for your workforce. By taking into account your business model, long and short-term goals and organizational structure, we are able to advise you on the right decisions to make when it comes to building an effective workforce. Safe in the knowledge that your staffs are the best employee for the job, your company can begin to focus more on a task orientated goals and overall development.

CMS offers following services in the HR consulting area:

  • Development of an appropriate organizational model
  • Job description documents
  • Job evaluation assessments and assigning symbolic pay grades
  • Salary ranges and bench marking remuneration
  • Performance Appraisal management systems
  • Defining requisites and formulating policies
  • Drafting and completion of employee reference manuals
  • Grievances and conflict resolution management System

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